AF Drive Day – 27 May 2018

June 21, 2018 10:21 pm

For the first AF Drive of 2018 we headed west again, from Richmond to Oberon and back. I really think we’ve nailed the route now: a good blend of fast and slow, tight and open plus a pretty great spot for brekky at Mayfield Gardens.

Alarm set for 4:30, it was a cold, foggy start to my Sunday morning as I arrived at Richmond Maccas for the initial meet.

We made our way through the Bells Line of Road to Lithgow for a quick regroup and left turn to cut across to Hartley. Through here are some open, deserted farm roads that offer a shortcut to Jenolan Caves Rd.

Jenolan Caves Road, at the north end off the Great Western Highway, provides some of the smoothest bends in the area but you have to get there early before the day trippers visiting the Caves descend on it. We follow it all the way to Hampton Road (just past the Hampton Halfway Hotel), before a sharp right turn takes us cross-country up towards the west side of Lake Lyell.

This is a bit bumpy at the start but smooths out providing plenty of challenging corners through bush and farmland. We regrouped briefly at the left turn towards Tarana, before taking perhaps our favourite local road into town. Much of it is recently resurfaced and there a lot of open corners with fantastic visibility.

We paused in town for 15 minutes to recount our drives and chat all things cars. One thing I love about our drives is the sheer diversity of machines that attend and bond over the common love of driving. The other thing is there was only one automatic in our group of 20 or so 🙂 my favourite scene was the Honda DC2R leading the way in front of a brand new, manual 991.2 GT3 who could barely keep up!

We left Tarana for brekky at Mayfield Gardens, with another 30-40 minutes of fun roads to get there. I swapped my 130i with Wesley’s Integra DC5R and it was great to try something totally different. I thoroughly enjoyed my time behind the wheel, reminding myself of my love for a FWD with an LSD.

Post-brekky, most of us cut through Oberon to Duckmaloi and then Jenolan Caves Rd for the drive back out to Great Western Hwy. The tourist traffic was building so I cut off before the main bends and took the ‘hillclimb’ that spits you out on the GWH closer to Lithgow. Another great drive with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts. Clean, fast and sensible driving with no incidents and a shedload of fun had by all!

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