Andrew C


What does Autofocus mean to you?

For me, Autofocus is inspired by automotive blog sites, such as Speedhunters. I would say that Autofocus is a group of friends creating their own ‘Speedhunters’ for the Sydney scene.  Autofocus will give me the opportunity to photograph / drive / meet / share new cars & people.

What is your favorite element of automotive culture?

It’s a toss-up between, chatting about cars with your mates at the Pub & Grassroots motorsport.  I think I would have to go for the latter, because you become mates with the people you compete with.

What are you currently driving?

Currently have a 2004 Mazda Mx5 SE turbo, & partial driving rights to a 2007 RENAULTsport Megane 230 F1 Team R26.

Car history:

2003 RENAULTsport Clio 172 –  Possibly my favorite car to date, as it was my first real performance car. Light/Raw/Punchy.

2007 RENAULTsport Megane 230 F1 Team R26 – first turbo, liquid yellow – the best paint colour ever.  Interesting looks and a proper LSD! R32 killer.

2005 RENAULTsport Megane 225 Cup – Replacement for R26;  GTI killer.

1993 MX-5 Clubman – My idea of a poor man’s lotus. Opened the door to competitive club level sprint racing.

2004 Mazda Mx5 SE turbo – Clubman with more power. Work in progress – wheels, brakes, suspension, engine & ECU have all been upgraded.

Best automotive related moment:

Turn 1 at Eastern Creek.