Cars and Coffee – 4 May 2014

May 17, 2014 9:58 pm

The Cars and Coffee phenomenon that originated in the USA has spread to Sydney, with the fourth event held at Cavallino at Terry Hills on the first Sunday of May. Its popularity is ever-growing with a huge turnout of automotive enthusiasts from all walks of life:


Some of the AF team had attended previous events but for yours truly, this was a first. Dad and I decided to bring out the Renaultsport Clio V6 and at the last minute I entered it in the Peoples’ Choice Award which, unbeknownst to me, ensured a prime parking position:

There was a truly ecclectic mix of cars on show, with the display extended from the Cavallino car park to the streets and beyond:

Some highlights included this well presented MkI GTI:

The Highway Patrol car parked in by a Porsche, an Aston and an immaculate R31 Skyline, engaged in a friendly rivalry with their aggressive stances:

A bit of “strayan” culture was also represented:

Different ways of packaging an engine in the back:

An impeccably presented 911 SC Group 4 replica from Autohaus Hamilton (read more here):

A new RS4 Avant looked menacing from across the road:

Some high-performance German machinery was nestled in the opposing car park, some with a few “go-fast” tweaks from City Performance Centre:

For me, this image sums up the feel of the whole event with a lightweight British track car, the Lotus Exige, sharing the stage with an old-school American “muscle ute”, the Chevrolet El Camino:

There were also some exotics from the very serious end of the spectrum:

The cars in the main car park were the ones pre-entered in the Peoples’ Choice Award, with the winner receiving a dinner for 6 to Cavallino! During the week before the event, I decided to enter Dad’s Clio V6 in the competition as it always receives a lot of positive attention when we take it out. Lucky I did as we won the award, placing ahead of an immaculate Holden Gemini and a British Racing Green Lotus Exige!

After the formalities, the friendly chatter and mutual automotive admiration ensued before people started to head off after an enjoyable morning:

Cars and Coffee at Cavallino was a relaxed, enjoyable gathering of automotive enthusiasts from many different sections of the culture and a testament to the organisers and attendees for their friendliness and great attitudes. We’re excited for next month’s meet already – who knows what we’ll be driving then!

For more photos, please visit our Flickr page.


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