A Visit to Dutton Garage – Part 2 – Gli Italiani – 12 March 2016

October 9, 2016 9:56 pm

Part 2 of our visit to Dutton Garage takes in the Italian part of their stable.

Well represented were some of Maranello’s finest, including my first time ever seeing an Enzo in the flesh: I’d never really paid them much attention, however, that changed immediately upon laying eyes on one and feeling its low-slung presence:

An achingly cool Testarossa:

Testarossa amongst Italian friends:

365 GT4 BB:

On show too were some fine examples from that other Italian marque: a pair of Diablos:

One of not-many Diablo GTRs in Aus, this one in perfect “Lambo Orange”. Just look at those rear tyres and cooling fans!:

No-nonsense interior with the bare essentials and open-gate shifter = love:

Some Bertone magic for 80s Lamborghini:

A lovely blue VT Diablo:

Twiggy’s Muria – a definite highlight:

Probably my favourite car of the day was this Bugatti EB110 SuperSport: the first I’ve seen in real life and apparently the car Chris Harris drove in his famous video!

Outrageous interior colour choice given the exterior colour – McDonalds?

And some American muscle for good measure. A pair of very retro-cool AC Cobras:

We can’t wait to get back to Dutton Garage to visit their ever-changing display. And now, with AF’s own Steve Tex residing in Melbourne, we can expect more frequent updates from their collection.

Dutton Garage

41 Madden Grove

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