Huw D


What does autofocus mean to you?

I love cars.  I love driving them, ogling them, studying every insignificant detail from any magazine/website/brochure about them, looking confused when I stare under the bonnet; I love every facet about them!  Relatively recently, I realised there were other people out there who were just like me, they just aren’t at my job.  Autofocus is my way to get my fix of “car” every day, and give the uninterested masses around me respite from car-related news overload.

 What is your favourite element of automotive culture?

Driving is still the biggest thrill I can think of, and cars can be such amazing works of art.  Out of all of the contributors on this site, my love of cars leans more towards the older end of the spectrum.

What are you currently driving?

1999 E39 BMW M5

 Car history:

2002 RENAULTsport Clio 172 (Feb 2006- Sep 2007) – I still remember getting chased by a crazy man through the back streets of Balmain before being handed an business card by him.  That person was Steve and he loves Renaults.

2006 NC Mazda MX-5 (Sep 2007-Oct 2012) – My introduction to RWD.  I think I was the only convertible owner who wished for constant rain.

1999 E39 BMW M5 (Oct 2012 – present) – Since the day it came out it has been my dream car, so at the end of 2012 I blocked future repair bills from my mind and got one.  Hasn’t broken yet.

Best automotive related moment:

Wakefield Park, in the wet, driving the Clio with bald rear tyres.  It was even better than driving on Maccas trays.