OzRenaultsport National Meet – 6-9 September 2013

September 15, 2013 9:14 pm

The seventh annual OzRenaultsport National Meet was held over the weekend of September 6-9, in Albury, Gunning and Goulburn. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it this year breaking a five-year run of attendance. I did, however, manage to organise a last minute morning visit to Wakefield Park on Saturday and grab a few photos.

I arrived as the Circuit Club driver briefing began: plenty of Renault and French jokes ensued. It was great to see the regulars and old friends from Melbourne that I’ve grown to know well from this annual tradition.

The weather was kind and the track conditions were pretty well perfect. With the largest attendance of any Nats, there was concern about track time and numbers but a well-run event meant plenty of time and space on the track for all drivers.


From semi-professional teams to novice drivers, there was a huge range of driver ability and car pace across the field. Many cars were heavily modified and geared towards circuit work, while others were as they left the showroom floor.

As expected, The phase 3 Meganes were leading the way with a couple of last minute withdrawals from fast Clios with mechanical problems. The Romano WorkX car from Queensland, was the fastest all day with a lighting best of 1:08.xx. Some Targa prepped cars used the day for testing and practice for upcoming events, with some respectable sub-1:10 lap times.

Russell Boyd’s factory Renaultsport Clio Cup racer was an amazing sight with its slicks, full cage and left- hand drive set up. The noise it made up the straight, with razor sharp sequential gearshifts was amazing.

The Nationals tradition of awarding the “non-professionally driven road car” with the Nuts went to Adrian Weir, for the second time, in his RS Megane 250 – “The Monster” – complete with RS Megane N4 checkered livery.

It was a shame to miss the full weekend as it’s a guaranteed great event. All reports of this year event were positive, with attendees enjoying the mix of drive days through country and mountina roads, the track day and associated social events, including the famous Renaultsport quiz.

Next year marks the 10-year anniversary of the forum so it’s sure to be the biggest event on record. Can’t wait.

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