OzRenaultsport Drive Day – 23 February 2014

February 27, 2014 10:42 pm

On Sunday 23rd Feb, members of the OzRenaultsport community gathered in a deserted car park in Windsor, for an early morning drive up Putty Road. A group of us that live closer to the city met in Rozelle and set out for Windsor as the sun was rising. I was particular excited as it was to be the first proper run in our new white Clio Sport Trophy:


Battled hardened and ready for business:

A good mix of generations were represented – Clio 3, Megane 3, Clio 4, Clio 2 and Megane 2:

The cruise out was nice and easy, with minimal traffic and a tunnel or two to make some noise in. Upon arrival at the Windsor car park, we were greeted with a veritable smorgasbord of Renaultsport delights:

There was a total of 46 cars at the meet spot, with 42 of them Renaultsports. Not a bad turn out for only one month’s notice:

The non-colour club:

The resident F1 star making a grand entrance:

Pretty colours:

John’s 182 is always shiny:

The red brigade:

Liquid yellow special editions – R27 Clio and R26 Megane:

Briefing time:

After a quick drivers’ briefing, outlining the route and expected etiquette for the day, everyone returned to their steeds eagre to hit the road. We (tried to) split into two groups, to more easily manage the huge crowd and we were off, heading north up Putty Road towards our breakfast destination – Grey Gums cafe.

The drive from Windsor to Grey Gums Cafe was entertaining in parts but predominantly long, open, sweeping bends and some long straights – the kind of place that you just can’t shake the feeling that a cop with a radar gun might be sitting behind a tree waiting to catch the guy that decides to open ‘er up on a safe bit of road in perfect conditions…

We made it to the breakfast stop without incident and parked up as a group:

The queue for the cafe was huge…

… so I decided to head back to the car park and snap some photos:

This was the end of the “official” drive as, given the sheer number of cars, the emphasis was on the social side of the day and not too long of a drive. Even so, most of the group pushed on and drove the remainder of Putty Rd, which offers more interesting, tighter corners with a decently high speed limit allowing for some exploration of one’s car’s grip without excessively exceeding the limit. We toured through Broke and stopped at Wollombi for a caffeine fuel up, before Ant and I began the cruise back to Sydney via Central Mangrove and then the freeway.

It was a great first outing for the new Clio 200T. It provided plenty of torquey turbo thrills and grip in the fast stuff and complimented it with effortless cruising home on the freeway. The gearbox, in Sport manual mode, was quite good and borderline fun but I craved a C-pedal and the thrill of a well-timed downshift.

A great day out and an awesome bunch of people to mingle with – looking forward to the next one already!

For the full album, please visit our Flickr page.

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