Renaultsport Night Shoot

November 5, 2014 12:04 pm

Having had the Clio 200T for over 9 months, I had been meaning to get some decent photos of it. This coincided with a spare evening and a chance phone call with Anthony who told me he’d just washed his Megane 250 that morning.

At dinner we brainstormed locations and settled on the end of Waverton with a view back to the CBD and Harbour Bridge. He brought along his Canon DSLR as I had an idea about mounting my 430EX II to a secondary camera to fire the flash off-camera, as my 7D cannot control an external flash easily.

This first image is a composite of background image and 2 flash-lit car images, with a total of about 5 or 6 flashes aimed at the car while Ant walked around.

Ant’s Megane 250 Monaco edition shot in a similar method.

While shooting, the cops drove past and told us to move along (after we finished our photos) and Ant suggested we head to the lane behind Classic Throttle Shop in North Sydney for a different vibe:

Here we got more experimental with the flash and ran around the car firing the flash at different parts of the car a total of about 10-12 times per exposure. This was a composite of background image and flash-lit subject matter.

My 200 cocking a rear leg on the driveway.


Stay tuned for more night shoots coming soon!

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