Shannons’ Eastern Creek Classic – 19 August 2012

August 20, 2012 7:47 pm

Another year of the growing Shannons Classic at Sydney Motorsport Park, with Mother Nature turning on a stunning, cloud-free day. With over nineteen-hundred cars on display, the variety was endless – from Cadillac to Citroen, Lamborghini to Lotus – with many rare examples on display.


I was fortunate enough to accompany my Dad and drive one of the two modern Lotuses he was displaying at the Club Lotus of Australia stand, behind the pit area. We showed the 2010 Solar Yellow Evora and the 2006 ___ Blue ExigeCup 240.

Concurrently running throughout the day was a classic car concourse, with judges pouring over all aspects of the cars: engine bays, undercarriages; nothing was to be missed.

A highlight of the day was the parade lap. After troubles with the Evora on the way out (it was running in ‘safe’ mode after the battery had run flat and was ‘displaying unusual performance characteristics’, i.e. not revving over three-thousand and five-hundred RPM.) she miraculously sprang back to life as we headed out of the pits onto the back of turn one.

While only one lap in duration, it was good to sample the extent of new full circuit and the tricky corners of the southern extension. It also offered the chance to stretch the legs of the Evora on the main straight (something not legally doable on most public roads) and hear the new Radium intake in full song – man, it makes a good noise.

Excitement over, we returned to the pits, parked up and continued our exploration of the various areas around the Motorsport Park. Ant and I found ourselves pouring over the Lamborghinis just as their turn to head out onto the track came around. A crowd gathered as the owners started and warmed their engines (with a few obligatory throttle blips) and after they started to head toward the track entry, we made our way back up the hill down towards the start of the main straight, to maximise our exposure to their full throttle applications upon hitting the main straight.

Overall, another great year for the Shannons Classic with the opportunity for the younger generation to see and experience some makes and models of automobiles that they may not have even heard of before. Definitely one for the social calendar next year!

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