OzRS Southern Highlands Drive – 9 December 2012

December 10, 2012 8:10 pm

Another south coast drive with the OzRS crew, but this time with a twist. The inner westies met at the usual spot before hitting the road for the official meet point:

We met the rest of the group at Pheasants Nest, for an early start on some roads new to OzRS drive days.


We drove the back way through Pheasants Nest to Robertson, for a quick pie stop and chin-wag.

From there we headed down Jamberoo Pass, which was dicey in parts because of the fog and rain!

A brief respite after Jamberoo Pass:


Before heading back up Macquarie Pass. The noise following (and trying to keep up) Dan in the 991 was just incredible. Fitted with the optional Sports exhaust, the flat six absolutely erupted with bangs on the overrun, like fire crackers in a forty-four gallon drum.



Andy’s nicely modded 172:



After a quick stop at Robertson, we were off via the back roads to Berrima for a late breakfast


For this, I let Anthony drive my car and I went shotgun with Dan in the 991 cabriolet, to experience what it had to offer:

The meal in Berrima was great and the scenery of the town was fantastic. From there it was a nice relaxing drive home on the freeway to complete a fun and enjoyable morning of driving.

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