Stew B

Stewart Budd

What does Autofocus mean to you?

A place to share our views all things cars.

What is your favourite element of automotive culture?

Watching trends come and go… and the late night drives in the middle of nowhere.

What are you currently driving?

09 RENAULTsport Clio R27

Car history:

1986 Holden VL Commodore SL. My First car, good solid 3L RB30 with a manual gearbox, cheap, fun, reliable.. and fast.. well seemed fast when I was 18.

1986 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Levin. I watched too many Jap drift videos on Youtube. It had JDM 4AGE and all the good stuff. Loud, hot and smelled like fuel but I loved it.

1984 Toyota AE86 JDM Levin Coupe. Even more awesome than my first one, caged, stickered up, mis matched wheels, the wet weather warrior.

1989 Nissan 180SX. It was purple, it lit up 3rd gear and it fluttered hard.

2009 RENAULTsport Clio 197 R27. My first front wheel drive car… The all rounder – it’s quick on track, quick in the hills, reliable and no one really knows what it is.

Best automotive related moment:

Linking all corners on the skid pan track at Porsche driver training Center at Mt Cotton in a 2012 991 Carrera S.