Tassie Trip – Day 1 – 14 May 2011

March 21, 2017 4:23 pm

A Tasmanian road trip had been on the cards for a while, but we finally put our proverbials into gear in early 2011 and worked out how to make it happen. Due to various personal commitments, the middle week of May was the only chance we had for all to attend. We booked some ferry tickets, bought some maps and researched the Targa Tasmania routes.

Day 1 – Road Trip From Sydney to Melbourne

A 5am meet in Balmain, saw Chris, Huw and I headed for the M5 Motorway, to rendezvous with Stew and start the long journey to Melbourne.

Steve had driven down to Melbourne 2 days early to go shopping and partake in other “metro” activities. We caught Stew at the King Georges Rd on-ramp and headed south-west, while the rest of Sydney slept after a big working week.

First stop was breakfast at Berrima Golden Arches: after a quick McFeed and a McStretch, we were back on the Hume.

We kept ourselves entertained with music, walkie-talkie conversations and coordinated rolling photographs, with my hand + camera hanging out the window at +100km/h.

Cruising through a little town before Yass, we spied a picturesque scene of autumn leaves, so we pulled over for a quick photo opp.

Back on track, we made it through Albury-Wodonga and got off the Hume for lunch in Benalla.

Fuelled up on a Mountain Burger and some 98 octane juice, we continued south and made it to the Builders Arms in Fitzroy, where we met Steve and had a refreshing ale and a quick catch-up with a friend.

Boarding time on the Spirit of Tasmania was 5:30-6:45, and as it was starting to get dark we headed to Port Melbourne and joined the queue.

After 30-40 minutes, we were parked in the belly of the ship.

and we made our way to our luxurious “Ocean Recliners” – what a mistake that was!

Post-dinner and a few brews, we struggled to sleep in the glorified aeroplane seats, shifting in and out of an insomniac daze until we were abruptly awoken by the ship’s loudspeaker, announcing we had just arrived in Devonport. It was 6am…

We didn’t quite know what to expect in Tasmania: would they have electricity? Did they deal in numerical currency or was it more of a barter based economy?

Route for the day.

To be continued…

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