Tassie Trip – Day 3 – 16 May 2011

January 16, 2018 12:47 pm

Another day, another few hours of uninhabited twisties. Today we planned to drive to Cradle Mountain, via the longest, least straight route we could manage.

We fueled up again at the BP on the east side of Devonport, knowing it stocked 98RON, before heading south towards Elizabethtown via some very fast farmland country driving.

Turning right onto Mole Creek Rd we pulled off shortly for a short walk up the Alum Cliffs trail to the lookout. We were grateful it was a short walk: us city folk weren’t dressed for a bush walk in our skinny jeans and loafers…

At the time, “planking” was all the rage, so we took some obligatory shots.

After some lovely fresh air, we hit the road again on the hunt for bends. Mole Creek Rd turned into Liena Rd, which took us towards what we came to call “Heaven”.

We pulled over just near the start of the Cethana stage to mount some video equipment. Talk quickly turned to whose was quicker… The Meganes definitely have it on the straights but those Clios are just so nimble on the corners!

The Cethana stage is a very twisty, mountain-climbing 40km or so and the view from atop Mt Claude is pretty good – “Heaven”.

At the T-intersection of Cethana Rd and Cradle Mountain Rd, Huw still had his game face on while we checked the map. A simple left turn took us towards Cradle Mountain, where we were hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous natural wonder.

En route, we came upon a picturesque moor so pulled over for a leg stretch and obligatory hardparking photo.

Alas, we made it to the Cradle Mountain visitors centre but the whole place was shrouded in mist so we didn’t bother paying the entry fee on entering the park. We grabbed a pie for late lunch and plotted the route home.

Heading back up Cradle Mountain Rd, we were aiming due north and searching for some more Targa stages to tick off the list. Somewhere on the way back near the Castra or Gunns Plain Targa stage, I pulled over on a suitable corner and got the boys to do a few passing laps for some action shots.

Huw and his MX-5 were leading the way on his phone’s sat nav, trying to figure out the route home that will take in the most Targa routes.

Quick photo stop looking back at Gunns Plains as the sun fades.

Almost back in town, Teki decided the last few days of driving had been hard on his Megane so he found a coin-op car wash and gave her a rinse. The rest of us didn’t hang around and headed back to the Alexander for some frothie ones…

Another epic day, we covered these Targa stages:
Leg 3 Map
– TS9 Merseylea
– TS6 High Plains
– TS22 Cethana
– TS23 Castra
– TS24 Gunns Plans
– TS25 Riana

Route for the day

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